Project Description

Claudio e Valentina

What can i say about them?

Claudio and Valentina chosen us because the were our friend and they known our professionally!

There are a lot fo wedding photographers in Pescara and in Abruzzo, how can choose the right one?

A lot of time is very important the empty, feeling good with the person!

This two guys, that today have 2 twins, chosen us for this reason…they wanted someone familiar during their wedding, a reassuring presence.

They have had a religious rite in Montesilvano and after they gone to “casa de campo” in mosciano sant’angelo fro their reception.

A location among country and new age.

A fascinating mix of rustic, moderno, country and glamour.

There was a very good live band…with them the dance, eaten and have fun every moment!

The bride and groom fiends organized a perfect flash mob, with the song “tell me why” they have made a funny dancing just like the backstreet boys…certainly one of the best moment of the party!