Project Description

Giacomo e Margherita

we have met this guys thanks to other two guys who had chosen us for their wedding photography.

If someone speak well about you it means that you have made a very good job!

They lived in Cesena and we have photographed this wedding in the Marche, a beautiful italian region a little bit at nord then abruzzo.

We love a lot to work all over Italy, there are different tradition and uses in the other italian region but also with foreigners couples that come in italy for their wedding.

This two young guys have chosen to make a religious rite in the nature…not in a church.

They entrusted the floral arrangements of their ceremony to the nature.


On the wedding day the bride’s mum collected flowers in the garden e has arranged the ceremony’s flowers and also the bride’s bouquet.

A choisi very interesting, full of risks but extremely fascinating.

The guests had the possibilities to assist at the ceremony surrounded by a forest

The bride came on a Vespa with his friends.

The bride came driving herself her car

At the end of the ceremony they have decided to go away by the vespa.

At teh restaurant, a winery cesena’s hills, the bride had request to put the tables to form a big daisy (viewing from the top) as her name.

They have decide to use long rectangular tables very country with jars with fresh flowers inside.

their friends organized a flashmob and also the bride dance with the friends for her bride

With this wedding we have had our baptism like photographers in Emilia Romagna!