HI, I’M federico, the master photographer of BG PHOTO

my passion for photo has grown slowly…at first i loved to photograph landscapes and experiment with new techniques.

then i realized that there were a lot of landscapes to photograph in the people’s faces, 1000 emotions, expressions, problems and thoughts…in this mode i have start to photograph only portraits. With time i decede to start with the wedding photography, i have studied with professional courses that have give me the necessary techniques to make this work!

To photograph a wedding is one of the best experience for a photographer, with our machine we stay in contact with persons, look at their faces, immortalize their expressions, find the emotions in a lot of little things…is like to enter in their worlds! Being a wedding photographer is an hard work and i have a great responsibility…for this reason i make everything with the maximum reliability, offering the best at my spouses, finding to give them peace, discretion and immortalizing their day with originality and passion.

Henri Cartier-Bresson told “the photos could give eternity throughout the moment”, this is my mission…to give eternity at your moments, give you a wedding reportage that respect and control the most important aspects in a wedding, the timing, the style details, the spouses’ personalities, the emotional moments and the happiness moments!