Project Description

David & Alessia

David & Alessia have contact us from faraway.

Two modern spuses, son of the modern world, they were citizens of the world, who travel a lot for job and change a lot of cities.

For their wedding hey were searching a wedding photographer in abruzzo who could understand the particularity and also uniqueness of their wedding.

She was born in Abruzzo, in L’Aquila and for this reason they had chosen as location of their marriage “sextantio”, a beautiful restaurant and hotel in the heart of a fantastic borough of Santo Stefano di Sessanio.

Their wedding has been n international event, their guests come from all over Europe.

A wedding in which only english was speaking

They have chosen to make a symbolic wedding in the borough, officiated by a lay celebrant

their ceremony was studied in the minimum detail and reflect them and also their personalities.

They have decided to make a celtic rite of the ribbons, a very interesting meaning and also scenographic moment.

The wedding style was natural and elegant, it respect the style and personality of the location, a place surrounded by the beautiful Abruzzo’s nature

The dinner was at candle lights in the restaurant of “Sextantio” and was full of speeches. A tradition more english then italian.

The guest and witnesses have honored the bride and groom with their personal wishes.

it was a wedding in Abruzzo try particular and we thanks a lot Alessia and David to have chosen us as their wedding photographer in Abruzzo.