Project Description

David and Becky

A wedding that arrive faraway.

A couple that wanted to realize their dream of a marriage in a castle, like a prince and a princess, in the original borough of the groom’s grandpa!

A little borough in Lazio (the region in which there is also Rome), Prossedi, from which the david’s grandpa emigrated after the second world war and where David had a lot of relatives.

Like the help of an italian uncle, federica di Vento d’Eventi, has obtained the authorization to use the cloister of the Proseddi Castle, that is s private location in which person lived.

To celebrate the ceremony there was the mayos.

The Vento d’Eventi agency, that organize and coordinate wedding in Italy for foreigners couples, contact us for this wedding.

With them we have started to work as wedding photographers in Lazio.

The wedding color was light pink, the bridesmaids were pink and they have open the way to the bride who has entered with her grandfather.

The bride and groom written themselves their promises and was very emotional.

From the ceremony we have gone to the restaurant by feet.

A very typical restaurant arranged the reception in the center of the borough with a wonderful landscape of the mountain.

After the buffet of starters on the terrace we vented in the hall inside where there were 2 first course and 1 second course.

During the reception there were the speeches.

The bride and groom with their guests sung, dance and eaten…they have had a lot of fun.

For the cutting of the wedding cake we have organized a surprise for hall the guests…the fireworks!

A very beautiful and emotional show!

This was the right end for a very special party, rich of fun and emotions!