Project Description

Salvatore e Lara

This is certainly a wonderful wedding!

Two special guys!

He was from Rome and she from Pescara but both lived in Rome.

They founded us thanks to Vento d’Eventi, the wedding planner agency that was organizing their wedding.

They chosen us like their wedding photographer in Pescara.

Their choices in the organization of the event were dictated by the desire to return to the origin.

Lara, extremely linked to her grandmother, chosen to exit from her house, in the house in which she spent a lot of summers. unfortunately the grandmother died for a few months.

they had the ceremony in Villa Badessa, a little borough in Abruzzo near Pescara in which there is an orthodox church. In fact their ceremony was an orthodox christian rite.

The grandmother house was a few meters from the church.

Was and house rich of love, it was clear from a lot of details. A sacinating house with a vintage style and rich of memories.

Salvatore decided to prepare in Hotel Villa Maria in Pescara, with his parents and friend

The wedding location for the reception was very simple, clean and essential.

An ex stable in the countryside near Villa Badessa, with a majestic oak in the garden and vineyard all around.

A wedding rich of tradition, authenticity and simplicity.

Their goal was to savor to their guests the goodnes of genuine things.

The buffet of starters was organized with different corner of show cooking with also live mozzarelle and burrate.

There were relaxing pic nic area on the garden,

One of the first courses was “pasta e fagioli” and old peasants recipe.

The other first course was pasta and pomodoro, the genuine of the simple things.

To animate the event there were 3 musicians, very professional musicians, Marianna Capone Trio.

The cutting of wedding cake under the majestic oak with the bride and groom under a white towel like an arch.

Also this a natural scenography, simple but very beautiful.